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Vitality and Fullfillment in FarmLife


From our Family... to YOURS!

We traded our town house for a farm and love it!  Our toddlers help with socializing the puppies, gathering chicken eggs, playing with the Nigerian Dwarf goats, feeding the sheep and even helping shear them! We wanted our children to grow up being close to nature and animals. And thus your family may benefit from our endeavors in finding fulfillment and vitality through a FarmLife. 

You are ensured that your puppies have been socialized daily with children and given the best possible start to life. As a small family farm, we are dedicated to producing healthy, intelligent, and versatile Standard Poodle puppies. We use Puppy Culture methods to maximize the effectiveness of socialization and learning in early puppyhood. We want our poodles to show sweet loving temperament and an eagerness to serve. 

Our ultimate goal is your “perfect” dog with the temperament ideal to your family.  Puppies are evaluated with Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test to make sure you get the pet with the temperament best suited to your family (based on your family’s lifestyle, needs, and energies). See the pdf attachment for more info on this test.

Quality Genetics & Good Health


- genetic testing (eyes/hips/thyroid) of parents

- fed quality dog food (Life's Abundance & Diamond)

-fed chicken and sheep meat from our farm 

-dewormed, vaccine record from local vet

Happy & Socialized


-we use puppy culture methods

- daily early socialization with children and farm

- evaluated with Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test  

-Affordable Pet Prices at $1,000!!!

Meet our Dogs



Daisy is loyal and energetic. Her dad was a black Poodle from a showline, her mom comes from a line of trained Medical alert dogs (seizure, diabetes, etc). She has a natural talent to herd our sheep with her attentiveness and eagerness to please. Daisy is a Royal Standard at 50 lbs, 24 inches to shoulder.



Now that the pups have been weaned from their moms, they live with their dad, Jack. They have a lot of fun playing with and keeping him on his toes. The toddlers also enjoy Jack, he has been calm and understanding with the children. Jack should pass his beautiful coat and correct head and body structure to his offspring.

Jack is 60 lbs; 26 height to shoulder.

Video of our Stud



Ginger is Daisy's best friend. They grew up together and give us much entertainment in watching them interact. Ginger has a high emotional intelligence; senses our moods and provides comfort. She came to us from a very reputable breeder/organic farm in Illinois: Lake Sai Poodles.   

Ginger is Medium Standard at 40 lbs.

Adoption Application

*We ask for the puppy application to be sure puppy goes to a good home. 

*Please see the "Aptitude Test" pdf for more info on how to choose your puppy!

Available Puppies

No pups currently

Our females are taking a break.
Submit your puppy application to be put on our waiting list to be sure you get your pup!

Happy Puppies & Happy Families!!



  "Koda is doing fabulous! He loves Sam and they play together all the time! He has a great personality and is so loving! We are so glad to add him as a new addition to our family!"  



sweet puppy, standard poodle puppy

"He's doing really well. We are all in love with our new baby. He's learning to adapt to family routines & house rules. He is such a sweetie pie. Wouldn't hurt a fly."



calm puppy, standard poodle, gorgeous male puppy

 "Benny's doing great and growing fast! He is so calm and people are impressed that he's only a puppy. He gets a lot of attention and compliments."


happy and healthy, best fit puppy, female, standard poodle

"Sophie is the sweetest and brings so much light to my life every day. Thank you for helping me so easily choose the best fit for a puppy I could ever imagine and for taking such good care of her during her first  days, with healthy food, socialization, and love. She is healthy and happy, and it has been easy for us to bond and learn together."




"Matisse looking handsome. I am so happy with him. It's a mutual love fest. Having a hard time teaching "come", because he's always right there! So smart, and very mellow and calm, except when playing with his brother. The two of them together are a pair of wild things."  




 "Just wanted to let you know how much we are loving the new puppy. He is so sweet and calm, even when the kids are playing with his paws and tail. And he is a champ at holding his potty! He took to my husband and daughter right away (no cheese needed). I think we will be naming him Henry." 




 "We are absolutely in love with our baby boy, Hiro. He has drastically impacted our lives in the most positive of ways and I can't imagine life without him. Hiro is a sweet and shy puppy, but with his humans, he is full of energy and joy. He has already gone on an Oregon Coast adventure since coming home and has discovered the fun of digging in the sand. Sue and Vitaliy are wonderful to work with. I could tell immediately that they put much love and care into each of the puppies. We are happy to include them into our family with Hiro!"  




"He's taken really well to our boys. We had only a couple of times that he went to the bathroom in the house. We took him to the back door after each time. Now he goes to the back door before he goes to the bathroom. And will wait to go outside. He has his kennel with your blanket inside of it he will use when he's overwhelmed. He's getting much better on the leash and still loves to play catch and run as fast as he can through the yard. Thank you so much, he has brought so much joy into our home."



Groomed Standard Poodle Puppy, AKC registered, beautiful hair dog

"I love her so much and she is so smart. She has learned words so quickly. We both hate to be separated. I cried when I left her at the vet (for spaying). She is friendly-the first thing I did was get her chipped after her shots."

Vitality Farm


-Full Blood Dorpers

-Speciality Sheep Breeds:

Fat-tail Karakuls &

Dairy East Friesans



-Nigerian Dwarf Goat quality high fat milk

-goat cheeses

-excellent playmates for children


-starter bee colonies

-mountain honey

-pollination services

-bee rescue (swarm control)


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